(Project Zero) Thinking Routines and How They Promote HOTS to Students

Join this course to learn about thinking routines and some example activities which you can use to promote higher order thinking skills to your students!

Instructor: Stenly Robert Tucunan, S.S.

Last update: 2022
Language: English

JP (Lesson Hours): 11

Course Objective

At the end of this topic, you will be able to:

1. know what thinking routines are and understand why applying these in teaching and learning is important.
2. practice the suggested routines during the webinar sessions and from there, make a self-assessment on how the routines can be effectively applied in class.
3. understand why thinking routines promote higher-order thinking skills to students.

This course includes:

Course Content

M1.1 [Video] The concept and importance of thinking routine

M1.2 [Reading] More About Thinking Routines

M1.3 Assignment 1

M2.1 [Video] About See - Think - Wonder

M2.2 Discussion: How the See - Think - Wonder Thinking Assists You and Your Students' Learning

M2.3 [Reading] The Application of See - Think - Wonder Thinking Routines

M2.4 Assignment 2

M3.1 [Video] The Creative Hunt Activity

M3.2 [Reading] Applying Creative Hunt in the Classroom

M3.3 Assignment 3

M4.1 [Video] The 3 Why's Activity

M4.2 [Reading] Goals and Benefits of the 3 Why's

M4.3 Assignment 4

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