Preparing Pathways for Thriving Learners

What is ATT/ATL, and why is it essential for students' learning? Join this course, learn, and find out!

Instructor: Anika Jones, CAGS Ed. Leadership, MA. CELTA

Last update: 2022
Language: English

JP (Lesson Hours): 7

Course Objective

At the end of this course, teachers will be able to:

1. understand what ATT/ATL is.
2. understand why ATT/ATL skills and practices are significant for students' learning.
3. implement ATT/ATL into classroom activities and lessons.

This course includes:

Course Content

M1.1 Identifying ATT Practices

M1.2 Exploring the ATL Website

M1.3 Assignment 1: ATT/ATL Review Chart

M2.1 ATT/ATL Practice and Skills

M2.2 Assignment 2: Identify ATT/ATL Strategies and Skills in Your Lessons

M3.1 Assignment 3: ATT/ATL Reflection Task

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