Phonics Training

Let's learn how to teach our students English phonics Sounds!

Instructor: Jackielou Cabral-Cuevas, has a Bachelor in Elementary Education, Major in Preschool Education. She is currently pursuing a Master in Education, major in Language Development.

Last update: 2022
Language: English

JP (Lesson Hours): 26

Tujuan Pembelajaran

At the end of the course, teachers are expected not only to know how to sound letters and pronounce sounds and words, but also understand the relationship between letter sounds and words. Teachers are also expected to know synthetic phonics as a method of teaching children to read and write, as well as understand the effectiveness of using story when teaching letter sounds.

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Konten Kursus

M1.1 Introduction to Phonics

M1.2 What is Synthetic Phonics?

M1.3 What are the Tricky Words?

M2.1 Teaching the C, M, A, T Sounds

M2.2. CMAT Story Integration

M3.1 Teaching the S, R, I, P Sounds

M3.2 SRIP Story Integration

M4.1 Teaching the O, B, F, G Sounds

M4.2 OBFG Story Integration

M5.1 Teaching the H, J, U, L Sounds

M5.2 HJUL Story Integration

M6.1 Teaching the D, W, E, N Sounds

M6.2 DWEN Story Integration

M7.1 Teaching the K, Q, V, X, Y, Z Sounds

M7.2 KQVXYZ Sound Integration

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