Moving Forward with Authentic Pedagogy: Concept-based Inquiry, 21st Century & Beyond

What is concept-based learning? Why is it significant for our students' learning? Let us learn together and try implementing it in our classroom!

Instructor: Trevor Jones, MSc., MEd.

Last update: 2022
Language: English

JP (Lesson Hours): 5

Course Objective

At the end of the course, teachers will be able to:

1. understand concept-based learning and why it is significant for students' learning.
2. identify teaching approaches that can support concept-based learning.
3. integrate concept-based learning into their classroom.

This course includes:

Course Content

M1.1 [Video] Concept-based Learning

M1.2 [Read] “Concept-based learning,” Global Goals Curriculum (2021)

M1.3 [Video] Teaching “Conceptual Understanding.” Corwin (2017)

M1.4 Assignment 1: Reflect/Respond

M1.5 [Read] "Concept-based teaching and learning: A review of research literature" - Optional

M1.6 [Video] Advantages of concept-based curriculum - Optional

M1.7 [Video] Concept-based learning - Optional

M2.1 [Video] What is Concept-based Inquiry Learning?

M2.2 [Reading] What Is Inquiry-Based Instruction? By Anna J. Warner and Brian E. Myers

M2.3 [Reading] Online - What is inquiry-based learning? On Concept to Classroom web page

M2.4 [Video] What is Inquiry-Based Learning? By Scott Crombie May 27, 2014

M2.5 [Assignment 2] Reflect/Respond - Optional

M2.6 [Read] Online - “The 5 E’s of Inquiry-Based Learning,” by Sam Northern - Optional

M2.7 [Listen] Online “Inside the Concept-Based Inquiry Classroom.” Rachel French - Dec 16, 2019 - Optional

M3.1 [Video] Which teaching approaches can support concept-based learning?

M3.2 [Read] Concept-based inquiry by Rachel French

M3.3 [Reading] Which teaching approach can support concept-based learning?

M3.4 [Video] Understanding the Power of Concept-Based Inquiry with Rachel French

M3.5 [Assignment 3] Reflect/Respond

M4.1 [Video] Conclusion

M4.2 [Assignment 4] Exit Ticket

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