Consistent Variety and Ordered Chaos:
Teaching Humans Humanely

Let us learn strategies for teaching humans humanely to increase the effectiveness of our students' learning!

Instructor: Dallas Tucker, M.A.B.S.

Last update: 2022
Language: English

JP (Lesson Hours): 3

Course Objective

1. Understand education in light of God's creation.
2. Acquire new insights into preparing for classes.
3. Acquire new insights into managing classes.
4. Understand and implement new practices.

This course includes:

Course Content

M1.1 [Video] Introduction

M1.2 [Assignment] Introduction

M1.3 [Video] Creation

M1.4 [Assignment] Creation

M1.5 [Video] Avoiding Dystopia

M1.6 [Assignment] Avoiding Dystopia

M2.1 [Video] Effective Instruction

M2.2 [Assignment] Effective Instruction

M2.3 [Video] Planning

M2.4 [Assignment] Planning

M3.1 [Video] Order

M3.2 [Assignment] Order

M3.3 [Video] Memories

M3.4 [Assignment] Memories

M4.1 [Video] Steps

M4.2 [Assignment] Steps

M4.3 [Video] Review

M4.4 [Assignment] Review

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